I am pathetic. I am a weak person. As you all know, I quit caffeine back in February. And that stuck for awhile - two months, maybe. Until I told myself that having a coffee once in awhile certainly wouldn't make me an addict. And that's true, if you can get once in a while... Continue Reading →


You might recall, I have a goal this year of becoming more disciplined. I have a ways to go, but I've made a start and I'm already reaping the benefits. Here's how I've changed:Action: I kicked caffeineResults: I save tons of money on Scooter's Coffee; my body now sleeps when it needs to since caffeine... Continue Reading →


As a part of my year of discipline, I decided to give up caffeine. Cold turkey. Please keep in mind that I have been known to hit up Scooter's every day of the week. Additionally, I love to wash down lunch and/or dinner with an ice cold Pepsi. I mean, I fucking love caffeine. It... Continue Reading →

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