You might recall, I have a goal this year of becoming more disciplined. I have a ways to go, but I’ve made a start and I’m already reaping the benefits. Here’s how I’ve changed:

Action: I kicked caffeine
Results: I save tons of money on Scooter’s Coffee; my body now sleeps when it needs to since caffeine isn’t dictating its alertness; I’m now 100% addiction free!

Action: I started eating healthier (no fast food, nothing fried, very limited desserts)
Results: I feel better; I look better; we save money on eating out

Action: I started walking and running outside
Results: Better mood; lost a few lbs; better use of my time than watching TV

Here are my next to dos:

1. Get Brandon on a nighttime routine. This sucks. I started it on Monday. I have never heard so much crying from him. But I feel like we’re getting there. I have to make it a habit before it will stick.

2. Less TV, more reading. Luckily, the good shows are mostly over now. I can at least make this stick until Big Brother but I haven’t committed to giving that up. Everyone has to have a guilty pleasure!

3. Spend more time working on the house. I would love to always have a clean house and immaculate yard and be in the midst of an improvement project. That hasn’t happened yet.

Here is how I am different:

I really believe that being more disciplined in my life is changing me. Slowly but surely, I’m becoming a better person. And good things have happened in my life as a result.

I’m a firm believer in your life is what you make of it. If you’re unhappy, change it. So many people are reactive and their lives are dictated by what happens to them. I’m proactive and believe you can make your life what it is. Discipline is how I’ve been proactive in my life. Feels good – and I’ve only just begun!

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