First year lessons

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a year has passed so quickly. Sometimes it feels like it’s been more than a year. But either way, to think about my life before Brandon is hard to do. He is my everything now. I have reflected a bit on what I’ve learned this past year:

1. There’s no way around buying sweatpants for your child. Sometimes (usually) comfy beats out style (for both of us).
2. Kids are full of poop and snot and piss and spit. Get over it – they’re disgusting, so you will be too.
3. Kids love adventure – throw them in the air or spin them around and they’re happy (you won’t drop them).
4. Forget about “me time.” Period.
5. All of your time is kid time. So just settle in for a long hour of Sesame Street without complaining.

 6. Buy your kid an expensive toy and he will just want to play with the box it came in. Dollar bin now!
 7. When you try to distract him from something, he’ll only be interested in what you’re trying to distract him from.
8. If you worry too much, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Kids will fall down. Bruises will heal.
9. Sometimes it’s easier to give your child what he wants than cause a temper tantrum.
10. Every time there is a temper tantrum, I’m thankful for my husband being here to help me. It takes a village. It truly does.

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