In 2016, I am finally going to knock some of these tasks off my bucket list.So I submitted a manuscript to a publisher and registered for a marathon on January 1st.Now I should go get my wrist tattoo.  I will spend the next few months running and doing yoga. And then running some more. And... Continue Reading →

White noise

The other day, I ran across a poem I wrote seven years ago, before it meant to me as much as it does now. Back then, I lived in a two-bedroom apartment that I could clean in an hour. Back then I didn't have two additional people who could make a mess, but not clean... Continue Reading →


You might recall, I have a goal this year of becoming more disciplined. I have a ways to go, but I've made a start and I'm already reaping the benefits. Here's how I've changed:Action: I kicked caffeineResults: I save tons of money on Scooter's Coffee; my body now sleeps when it needs to since caffeine... Continue Reading →

2013 goals

I have a lot of downfalls. More than, most, I suppose. So in hopes of curbing some of them, I have something to work on this year. It's discipline. I realize that so many things I want to do that I don't or that I do that I shouldn't are because of a lack of... Continue Reading →

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