2013 goals

I have a lot of downfalls. More than, most, I suppose. So in hopes of curbing some of them, I have something to work on this year. It’s discipline. I realize that so many things I want to do that I don’t or that I do that I shouldn’t are because of a lack of discipline. The most successful people I know all have it. I’m lacking it. So this year, I will use discipline and take back control over my own life.

I will be disciplined to: 
1. Eat better
2. Exercise
3. Work smarter
4. Read more
5. Write something every day
6. Watch less TV 
7. Experience learning with Brandon
8. Keep correspondence with old friends
9. Continue to make this house our home
10. Complain less and thank more
I will control my life, rather than let it control me. I will stop running around in circles chasing my tail. I will invest my time in long-lasting, meaningful results rather than trivial and worthless tasks. I will invest most in people. I will also invest in myself. I will invest in those that I love. I will not waste time on hating those I don’t. They are not important to me. Time can be better spent elsewhere.
I will realize that money is not my only currency, but time is, as well. I will spend time serving others since I have neglected it, being so wrapped up in myself. I will seek to understand someone else before I inject my own unwarranted opinion. I will listen more and speak less. I will write more and speak less. I will continually seek to better myself and the world around me. I will treat other people as the people they can and should be rather than as they are. And I will struggle every day to rise above the person that I am to become the person that I can and will be.

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