My top 10 celebrities of 2012

1. Jennifer Garner – she is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, but she takes her daughters to the park and dresses like a real person (or what all the other Hollywood moms would probably call a slob). Here’s to women who dress for the occasion and realize five inch heels aren’t always apropos.
2. Katie Holmes – Hip Hip Hooray for women who realize divorce is a better option than a loveless marriage and raising a child in the midst of chaos. Those people who “don’t believe in divorce” are a bunch of lunatics. Sometimes things don’t work out as you plan. It takes a big person to admit that. And a dumb person to stay aboard a sinking ship.

3. Aziz Ansari – although his stand-up set wasn’t nearly as funny this time around, he still makes me laugh every week in Parks and Recreation. And you thought I didn’t like short guys…

4. Eliza Coupe – we all know skinny women aren’t funny. This one is! She’s a skeleton with a sense of humor. I crack up at her every week on Happy Endings.
5. Ryan Gosling – HELLO – have you seen Crazy Stupid Love? He’s charming and sexy and smart and funny and…the entire package. People got it right saying he’s the “America’s Most Wanted Man.” He certainly is mine.
6. Matt Ryan – for not being a first round draft pick, he was a pretty damn good quarterback to have in fantasy football this year. Now if only I had some decent runningbacks – maybe it could have been the “Year of Holly” afterall.
7. Leonardo DiCaprio – sure, he’s a modelizer. But he’s still in excellent movies and one hell of an actor. I’m excited to see The Great Gatsby soon (if only that sniveling Tobey Maguire wasn’t in it…)
 8. Khloe Kardashian – yes, I felt bad for her already with her sisters popping out kids when she isn’t able to. And then I felt sorry for her again watching how awkward she is as a host on The X Factor (it doesn’t help that she’s forced to co-host with Mario Lopez – a robot made for hosting reality TV). She’s hilarious and married to a man she loves and wise beyond her family members. She’s the only reason to watch any of those shows her family has.
9. Jon Stewart – last year was an election year so I got caught up in some of Steve’s watching the race. Jon Stewart made me laugh as he gave honest and candid depictions of the candidates and the stupid things they had said most recently.
10. D. L.  Hughley – I’ve talked a lot about people who’ve made me laugh. Topping the list this year is D.L. Hughley. I don’t know how he’s still married the way he talks about his wife, but it’s funny as hell to all of us married people who need to find a way to release our frustrations every once in awhile.

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