DVR sports, fitting room, Facebook etiquette

Why do guys refuse to DVR sports? The point of DVR is to not allow the networks decide what time you watch their programming. So for us girls, it seems fine to watch our smut two or three hours later and make time for our men when they’re needy, but I don’t know a single guy who will watch sports later than live. What a double standard. I need to stop thinking men and women are treated equal, because let’s face it: that will never happen.

I brought a little joy into someone’s life today. I know you don’t think this sounds like me, so let me clarify: it wasn’t intentionally. Whenever I use a dressing room, I never put the clothes I don’t want to buy on the “no thanks” rack. Instead, I distribute them back where I found them. I just want the other shoppers to be able to find the item they’re looking for, and what if there is only one left and I left it on the “no thanks” rack? They would never find it.

Besides being conscientious of other shoppers, I also don’t like the judgment I feel when I hand a sales associate seven of my eight items and they think I’m cheap. So anyway, I was exiting a fitting room today and handed the sales associate just my number and no clothes. “Did those work for you?” she asked. “Yep,” I answered (I would get one out of four, so not a full-out lie). “Really?!?” she chirped (she had just had four other customers hand her back everything). I smiled. Glad my little white lie made someone smile.

I check out Facebook on a daily basis to see what’s going on in the lives of all my acquaintances (I would say friends, but let’s face it, I’m only friends with about six people on my friends list). Unfortunately, I can never just get a broad overview anymore, because there are a few select people who are always picking their top five of everything (tv shows, candy bars, cereals). Then there are others who are taking every god damn quiz known to man (none of which have the results spelled correctly, I might add). I have found the way to block certain people from my news feed, but every time I do so, some other yahoo gets bored and clog up my feed. There should be some Facebook etiquette.

If there was (Facebook etiquette), one of the rules would be not to delete comments from your page. Sure, I might use four letter words once in awhile for shock appeal or address adult subjects, but that is no reason to delete my comment. What makes your page sheltered from the rest of the world, and who are you trying to protect from reading it? If a person has access to the internet and has learned how to use it, nothing I type in a sentence will shock them.

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