biggest day of our lives

Steve and I are homeowners! After a lot of judging homes online, we narrowed down to our favorite houses and spent a few hours yesterday making fun of horrible decorations and judging yard sizes. Just when we thought we would never find a house that would fit all of our specifications, we found “the house.” When we walked in, I looked at Steve and he had this goofy smile on his face that mirrored mine and I knew we were going to live there.

We knew the house was a gem, and as soon as anyone else saw it, they would snatch it up. So 24 hours later, we made an offer. Unfortunately, so did another “team” (as I call them). Let the silent auction begin. The sellers are given 24 hours to respond to your offer, and luckily, they only needed one. When we got the call that the house is to be ours, we were jumping up and down, high fiving like we just beat the Celtics. I was more excited to tell people about this than I was about being engaged.

All of a sudden, I want to talk about dollars per square foot and Radon inspections (although I’m still not 100% sure what that is). So here we go: we’re about to be very poor and very in debt, but I’m excited about it. We’ve wanted our own home for a very long time and it’s insane that it’s finally here and it all happened in two days. That’s the kind of team Steve and I are. When we see what we want, we don’t waste any time. Next up: one hell of a housewarming party!

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