one bad apple spoils the bunch

My first three semesters of college I attended Grace University here in Omaha on 10th/William. I also lived in the campus dorms. Grace had rules such as no tvs in the dorms, a guy can not be in a girl’s room, and midnight curfew. I hated all the rules, but if I were to have to pick a most hated, it would be curfew. I hated it because I liked to make out with Steve for hours on end (yes, hours), and those always ran past midnight.

Once I had racked up my allowed infractions and was being threatened with being kicked out, I had to get creative. I put a brick in the door of the fire escape so I could come back to my room without my swipe card proving me guilty. I would call a friend and have them open the door from the inside, until, of course, they all got in trouble for aiding and abetting (yeah, because it’s that serious of an offense). If neither of those worked, there was always the option of staying out until six a.m. when curfew was finally null and void.

The night of the meteor shower, me, Steve, Anni, and Jon decided we would make a night of it. We had absolutely no intentions of returning to the dorms before six a.m. So sometime after midnight, we crept to the car in the parking lot. Grace did have one security guard. One very only, partially blind and mostly deaf security guard. With that description, you can imagine how humiliating it would be to get caught. Once he caught me kissing Steve in the parking lot and asked my name and I said I didn’t go to school there. This time, we claimed we were going camping. Somehow camping prevails all evil, because the security guard disappeared.

I smile now thinking of us sitting in the middle of some overgrown field, techno music blaring out of the Audi. I smile to think of what a badass I thought I was then: a private schooled kid staying out late, not drinking, not fornicating, just catching a thrill from not being tucked into my bunk bed and watching some rocks plummet from the sky.

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  1. that dreaded curfew… i got written up for it twice as often as the male counterparts i was out with. how does that work out?

    did you know only freshman have curfew now? and it might just be for the first semester… back in my day you had curfew til you turned 21.

  2. well thats what you get for going to christian school! we had no such thing. our R.A. didn't even live on our floor because she was assigned to two floors. i think i physically saw her 3 times my freshman year. we had co-ed dorms which i was pleased with because sometimes i needed to borrow hammers and screwdrivers. our security guards were for the most part a joke depending on what building you were in except for first semester when the elevator was broken and they had to run it the old fashioned way. yes that's right for a whole semester.

  3. oh holly… how many nights did we find a way to break curfew? it was far more fun doing this, knowing i had my favorite partner in crime!

    love, anni

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