big wheels, big toys, big hair

Here is what I remember from the first five years of my life:

My dad’s awesome hairstyle. It’s hard to forget since he still has the same one to this day.

My mom perpetually telling me to scrub my face. I broke out in a rash anytime I ate tomatoes. I still get a small one occasionally in the corner underneath my lip.

So I don’t actually remember this day, but the back of the picture says 6/3/85. That is the day my little sister Amber was born. That means Chad was seriously dressed like a four-year old doctor while at the hospital. I love the galoshes, Dr. Pelesky.

Have you ever tried to think back to the beginning of time as you know it? I have. Many times. And every time, this memory is the oldest one I have. We were at Mud Mountain dam and I remember being afraid of getting slivers on the massive big toys.

Before moving into our house in Puyallup, Mom, dad, Chad, Amber and I lived in a little house in Sumner. It was just two blocks away from the park, and I would beg to go there every day. Chad and I would race our big wheels there while mom and dad pulled the wagon with Amber and our chicken dinner in it.

Wild Waves/Enchanted Village
is like a poor man’s equivalent to Six Flags. They still have this little wading pool for all the little kids to splash around in. Back then, I always thought the best day ever would be spent there.

In actuality, this was the best day I remember as my younger self. I had wanted a Popple so bad, and for Christmas my dad got me one. I still have her, her name is Lisa. Now, I would prefer to have Amber’s hat.

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  1. I got a Popple for Christmas or my birthday and my mom let me open it up early so I could take it to show-and-tell 🙂 I still have it and it's in the girls' toy box 🙂

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