Why reading TIME could piss you off

Last night I ran five miles. And I did 400 crunches. Plus I did two times my normal amount of reps of weights. And then, after all that, while walking through the kitchen to grab a glass of water, I saw Steve’s discarded Time Magazine, lying face-up in the trash can with a cover that read: “The myth about exercise.” Of course, I knew this myth would not be pleasant to read after my last two hours of pure torture, but I’m curious by nature. Too curious. I grabbed it out of the trash (so what? there are much worse things I could have salvaged) and thumbed to the article, titled, “Why Exercise won’t make you thin.”

The article pretty much said that if you really want to lose weight, diet. Well here’s my dilemma: I would like to weigh a few pounds less, but I don’t diet. I don’t think my body is physically strong enough to last five hours without a carb. I love all things carbs. Pasta, rice, bread, cookies, and muffins. Ah, muffins. I would eat a double chocolate chip one every single day if I could without ballooning to 400 pounds within four months.

While I’m being honest, I might as well tell you my weight. I know most women cringe at this, but what the hell. I’m 150 lbs. OK, I’m 150.2 pounds. In the morning. I’m not huge, I’m not tiny, I’m somewhere in the middle. I don’t need to lose that much weight and I don’t even need to drop sizes. I just need to fit into the size I already own. The pants are getting snug. It’s been a very gradual weight climb. Maybe a pound a month over the past year and a half.

You see, I used to be an avid exerciser. That’s why this article disturbed me. It wasn’t written by some exercise hater, but rather a man who exercises for at least four hours a week and isn’t overly large, but still has a gut. So, pretty much the epitome of me except without the large cup size. Well who knows, they didn’t show a picture, so the writer could have that too, I’m not one to judge. So pretty much, he and I are both teetering between “healthy” and “overweight” on the BMI chart.

Although he had scientific studies and real life cases to back up his point of view, I disagree. I think losing and maintaining weight is all a matter of self-discipline. And whether you discipline yourself to work out or discipline what it is you let into your body, as long as more calories are going out than coming in, you will lose weight. Most of us might be able to muster up the self-discipline for one of the two. The only people who can do both are freaks of nature, like Lance Armstrong (yes, I’m still not over the Livestrong bracelets).

So tonight, Steve and I ran six miles. If I keep this up and don’t fit into my jeans by October, I will reconsider my immediate disagreement with this article. But in the meantime, I’m hoping self-discipline will prove me right.

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  1. Running works. Emma started running at school and she lost ten pounds. No one loses weight at school…but due to her jogging class she lost.

    You can do it Holly. It is great to catch it when it is only ten pounds. Ten pounds is a bit less daunting…than 80 pounds…


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