less is more

My dad used to tell me that the more you have, the more you need to spend as a result. I think this was a convenient catch phrase for him to use around Christmas and birthdays, and somehow always made me feel guilty about asking for things. Now that I buy everything with my own hard-earned money, I realize nothing could be further from the truth.

We bought a new bedroom set so that our old one can become a guest room. With the new furniture I also had to buy:

1. A set of sheets
2. An 8-piece comforter set
3. A mattress pad
4. Pillows
5. A mattress and box spring

And those are just the items directly related. I will also have to buy some art to hang on the walls, a tv for the armoire, etc. etc. You get the point. All I can say is somebody (anybody) better come over to our house and sleep in this guest room. I might start forcing it upon people. I will lure them over to my house and then force feed them enough booze that they can not go anywhere. Or I could go recruit homeless people and offer them a bed, a shower, and a hot breakfast for free in hopes that they spread good word and I can turn my place into a Bed & Breakfast.

I’ve got to start paying off all the things I’ve bought recently somehow, and I give any idea fair consideration.

3 thoughts on “less is more

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  1. Can Bill and I use the guest room as a getaway when we come visit Omaha? We'll leave the kids with my parents for the night and come party with you guys 😉


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