Friday night at Target

Pretty pumped that there is a new batch of 1000-piece Charles Wysocki puzzles out in local Target stores. I felt bad buying two, until my husband reminded me he would be spending $40 on booze. So while you are all out at your wild and crazy Friday night parties, I’ll be doing this:

Riverside Family Reunion

or maybe even this:

Prairie Wind Flowers

or who knows, maybe I’ll get crazy myself and do both of them.

That’s what we enjoy doing now on our evenings off together – going to Target where Steve can get his booze, I can get a puzzle, and we get Tucker a bone. On nights when we’re really feeling out-of-control, we might also throw a $5 DVD into the cart.

2 thoughts on “Friday night at Target

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  1. Hahahaha! Substitute Walmart for Target, the booze for Mt. Dew (Bill doesnt drink beer, long story) and the puzzles for a few books and you have our Friday nights. We even get a bone for Karma too! The kids each get to pick out a piece of candy in the check out isle and when we feel like going crazy we pick up a movie or two as well. Suddenly I'm in the mood for a puzzle though. 😉

  2. seriously you should go to my moms house and do a puzzle trade/borrow situation. we have a closet full of them. as long as you don't loose any pieces and promise to return them she'd be down i bet.

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