one size fits all but me

Hate to beat a dead horse, but today at work they gave us company shirts for our upcoming career fair and mine didn’t fit. It was too short – looked like a belly shirt. If you had to limit the world down to one person you would least like to see in a midriff-baring shirt, I’m betting I would be the last one standing. It reminded me of my days at Fox and the Hound where the shirts were too short and I had to wear a maternity tank top underneath it. Well, guess who the shirt did fit? The 8-months-pregnant girl I work with.

The girls I work with tried to tell me it’s because I’m tall, but I’m really not that tall. I’m 5’7″ and only look to be 5’10” because I’m always in heels. That has absolutely nothing to do with a shirt not fitting me. I’m vulnerable, but not stupid. I’m chubby but not tall. I’m wearing my own shirt on Saturday without any company logos.

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  1. Ugh I know how you feel!
    When I worked at Blockbuster they gave me an extra extra small that went down past my knees. I'm 5'4 and at the time was 210 pounds I looked like an over weight wiener dog in a tube top (even with the sleeves.(I can say that because I've lost 65 pounds and so no longer ashamed of what I once weighed). They told me it was “all they had” I told them I wasnt wearing that shirt and if they fired me for it I'd sue for discriminancy. (Ok google says thats spelled wrong, I give up)
    When I got my job at the grocery store they asked me what size I was (at this point I'd lost the weight) I proudly said I was a medium or a small the response I got was “Are you sure? You look more like a large” gee thanks. Turns out I was a small, the medium size shirt drowned me. I hate shopping for a reason, I dont need work pointing out that I'm not the slimmest in the bunch.

  2. number one if the person in charge of ordering the shirts is a man you can guarantee it won't fit. when i worked at 7monkeys we got shirts for a party and i had to wear a guy shirt. pardon me for having boobs and not wanting to wear a skin tight shirt while working. not every girl likes baby t's.

  3. Wait a minute it's REQUIRED that you wear this, but they didn't bother to get the right size for you? Isn't that discrimination?
    Have you contacted Human Resources in your company??! This is just wrong.

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