muffin top

Ran eight miles on the treadmill last night while watching “the Biggest Loser.”

Woke up this morning and saw my poundage had dropped.

Ate a chocolate chocolate chip muffin as a reward.

Is it possible to both love and hate yourself?

Because I loved every bite of that muffin this morning, but hate that my legs have felt like jelly since 9pm last night.

Weight maintenance is a god damn joke.

I’m both too strong and too weak to use the word, “maintain.”

I always go too extreme in everything I do.

Bipolar disorder for calories, that’s me.

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  1. I was watching Punk'd the other day (probably a repeat) but I saw Jessica Alba complaining about how “huge” her ass is. You know there's something seriously wrong with our self image when people like Jessica Alba start complaining about how big their ass is, when it ISNT. Drives me nuts. I've lost 65 pounds this year, gained 10 of it back but other than that I've done pretty well. I'm not a size 6, I'll probably never be a size 6 again but you know what? My man loves me, and my kids love me and I'm working on it. THATS what gets me through my love/hate relationship with my body. That and laughing at people like Jessica Alba who whine about the size of their ass.

  2. now if only you could share some of your too-extremeness in weight management with me. i need some.

    some of that run 8 miles until your legs are jello kind of extreme. not the eat a chocolate muffin kind. i already have that.

  3. ok we've been watching biggest loser and I am so sick of Shay. She is the fattest contestant in history yet she keeps losing 4 or 5 pounds and then complains about Tracey who can't even work out and loses 3 or 4 pounds or whatever. Get serious, I want that chick off of there so bad

  4. yeah patrick bitches about shay the whole time. i agree. your mom being a crack whore didn't make you morbidly obese. cheeseburgers did. and i like being sore after a workout. if i'm not feeling it the next day i'm not happy. but i hate the treadmill it's not good for my jacked up spine.

  5. Here is how I watch Biggest-could-they-drag-it-out-any-longer-Loser….
    I Tivo it and fast forward.

    The commercial breaks every time they are about to show the weight make me homicidal.

    I want to know who you want to work out with….
    Jillian or Bob?

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