half marathon

So it’s official.

I’m running a half marathon. On January 17, 2010 I will run 13.1 miles in Phoenix, AZ. 21,097.5 meters. 20.96 kilometers. 13+7⁄64 miles. Wow. That sounds scary. I have registered online and bought my airline ticket. Now to train. Oh, to train. I’m a bit behind on that. In fact, I’m taking tonight off of running to do some things on the computer – like buy my ticket and blog.

Did you know the fastest man to run a half marathon ran it in under an hour? I hope to finish it somewhere less than three hours. Less than 2 1/2, preferably, but I don’t think someone who hasn’t trained is in any position to get greedy. The only thing encouraging me is the fact that last season on the Biggest Loser they all completed it and none of them died. OK, Ron almost did, but that’s typical Ron. But they were all morbidly obese and I am just slightly overweight, so somehow I think I could do it. I will get a new battery for my iPod and put some kick ass tunes (Rihanna) on a playlist and run. Or jog.

Best part is – I’m going to see Marie. I love Marie. I am going to slow her down and infuriate her during the race, but afterward she will forgive me and we’ll have a few drinks. We are texting each other excitedly right now about the trip details. She will pick me up at the Sky Harbor airport and we’ll pick up right where we left off, as we always do. It’s rare to find a friend where you have something to say to each other besides reminiscing about old times. I’m pumped. About all of it except the running.

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