I got home from eating two meals out today and decided I was going to hop on the treadmill. As always, I caught a little detour walking by the computer. I’ve decided instead I’m going to play a quick game of Caesar III. Who am I kidding, there is no such thing as a quick game. I play for hours and hours and Steve comes and tells me goodnight at some point, which definitely means I’m up too late. I like to always be the first one to sleep.

But I do so love building my Roman empire. I am a nerd. I am one of those people I make fun of. Oh well. I’ve always had a computer game I was addicted to. It started with Oregon Trail (didn’t it for all of us?) and then Fraction munchers – this all back when floppy discs were actually floppy. When CD-Roms came out, I got into I spy and even played a little bit of Warcraft because my brothers did and I liked to be included. But for about ten years now, my game has been Caesar III. And it always will be.

I am a Consul, and I’m afraid I always will be. One time, I set myself up to pass the level, but I didn’t save it and have never been able to return to where I once was. So tonight, again, I chase that elusive sliver of hope I once had. One day, I will be Caesar.

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