epiphanies #5

I get very annoyed w/Facebook, I have no idea why I still have an account. Let me tell you what annoys me the most. It’s when women write their married name w/their maiden name thrown in there in the middle. Yeah, we get it, you were single at one point. We all were. Get over it. Your name should appear as it is on your credit cards.

I see those bell ringers all around town lately. It’s -2 and they’re still ringing those damn bells. It makes me want to shove a twenty into that mitten and say, “don’t put this in the can, this is for you. Go buy yourself a hot chocolate w/a shot of Bailey’s in it – and for God’s sake, don’t you dare put this money in the can!”

I look at hundreds of resumes a week, and let me tell you a few of the things I’ve run across this week alone that you should shy away from on your own resume: “American Marijuana Growers Association;” “SSN: 444-55-6666;” and “Reason for leaving: sexually harrassed.” Seriously? Keep it to yourself. Less is more. A resume is a synopsis of your work history and educational background – not Taxicab Confessions.

Steve and I have been debating what makes a movie a Christmas movie for weeks now. I say if there are Christmas songs on the soundtrack, that would make it a Christmas movie. Steve says if the story has to take place at Christmastime in order for the story to work, it’s a Christmas movie. His theory leaves very few options. Maybe the Nativity. But I’m not saying I’m right, it’s open to debate.

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  1. why would there be a chirstmas song on the soundtrack if it wasn't a chirstmas movie? i agree with steve on that one. the movie has to involve christmas and there are many- the family stone, home alone, miracle on 34th st.. i could go on but i won't.


  2. i consider movies a 'christmas movie' if i will only watch it during the holiday season. there are some movies that take place at christmas time that i will watch all year round. for example; the family man, holiday, love actually, its a wonderful life, the shop around the corner, (and others) but movies like home alone, the grinch, white christmas, the santa clause, (and others)i will only watch during the holiday season. if i will only watch it during the holiday season , then it is a christmas movie. that is the deciding factor to me. lame, it goes all on feelings.


  3. I used to think the same thing about the bell ringers too… then I found out a large percentage of them are people who actually live at or benefit from the Salvation Army. I guess the charity figures they might as well make them earn their money. You don't want to be cold at night on a park bench? Then you better get out there and ring that bell for all you're worth in the daytime instead.


  4. shelby – steve thinks home alone could happen any time of year, not just Christmas, so he doesn't count it. I think Family Man is a Christmas movie, he doesn't. I say if he doesn't think that's a Christmas movie, he can't think Wonderful Life is since they're virtually the same thing and Wonderful Life is THE Christmas movie.

    melinda – i see what you're saying, but I do recall a certain day prior to December when we all watched Home Alone 2.

    patrick – good to know those bell ringers are bums. it all makes a lot more sense now. i thought they were volunteers because i remember a story about matt c volunteering and abandoning his post because he was too cold – just leaving the can and the bell on the sidewalk.


  5. I suppose Home Alone could happen any time of the year, but there are parts of it that wouldn't have worked as well, like the thing with the old man next door, and how he wishes for his family back on Christmas, plus the fact that there are no flights available for the mom to get back on. I'd take a guess that there are flights to NY or Chicago available on June 9th on last second's notice.

    And yeah, like you said about bell ringers, you know the ones who are actually volunteers bail once the going gets tough


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