We watched The Family Man the other day. I love that movie. I have a theory that that movie would be a huge hit if it had a different leading actor. If Ryan Gosling or Bradley Cooper or Jon Hamm played the lead role.  No one likes Nicholas Cage. But it is a great story... Continue Reading →

clogging up spaces where love can be

People do strange things when they're judged all the time instead of being loved. ~ 3.24.13 CalifornicationI heard this and immediately wanted to write about it. I wanted to say something about it because it's a thought I've had but never put into words. And you should get your thoughts out of your head and... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #6

Why does Geico have so many mascots? I'm so annoyed about it. Pick one and stick to it. It seems like Geico has so much more to offer than they really do w/all these different commercials. Is there a reason we load planes by row clusters? Inevitably, someone has to move into the aisle to... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #5

I get very annoyed w/Facebook, I have no idea why I still have an account. Let me tell you what annoys me the most. It's when women write their married name w/their maiden name thrown in there in the middle. Yeah, we get it, you were single at one point. We all were. Get over... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #4

1. Why must all housing developments come complete with an adjective and a noun? Mockingbird Heights, Tomahawk Hills, Autumn Ridge, Quail Hollow, Harvey Oaks. Why can't we just have a simple, single word to describe this lot of shoebox homes that looks like all the others? How about "suburbia," or "ditto"? Making a fancy sounding... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #3

1. Must toothpaste commercials always star models with cosmetically bleached teeth? It's all so unrealistic. People who eat organic and get nine hours of sleep a night and don't indulge in any body-harming activities don't even need toothpaste. They could wake up and chew on a mint leaf and are good to go. If Colgate... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #2

1. That Cash-4-Gold commercial is ridiculous. Who is actually going to put their genuine gold into a little sack and mail it, hoping to get an indefinite amount of money back? Now that they have your gold, they can send you a check for any amount they would like. What are you going to do... Continue Reading →

epiphanies #1

My epiphanies of the week:1. Who do stores think they’re fooling with inaccurate sizes? GAP’s size medium is more like an XXL. I know why they do it: to get the plus-sized shoppers to spend hundreds of dollars at the magical store that categorizes them as a size 6. I get it, and it’s a... Continue Reading →

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