best not to mention

Now I won’t claim to be a great wife by any stretch of the imagination, but Steve seems to like me. Tonight he told me my realistic expectations of him was what he loved about me. Hopefully that’s not it, but it’s something nevertheless.

We were having this conversation because he was watching the Vikings/Saints game on the good big tv in the living room and I told him I would watch “Julie & Julia” on the small tv in the basement. I have learned there are some things that aren’t worth fighting over, and there’s no reason to try to change a man. He will change only on his own accord (except for his wardrobe – that’s a tiny battle I did manage to make progress in).

Here are some common mistakes women make that are best left alone:

1. Sports games – let a man watch it wherever he wants w/whomever he wants and stay out as late as he’d like. This is a benefit for us, too: alone time is a very sacred thing.

2. Movies in the theater – don’t make him see your movie. Even if he acts like he likes chick flicks, you’ll hear about it at some later date. Best to choose something neutral like a comedy or an Academy award winner.

3. Guys nights – they sound much more thrilling than they actually are. Most of the time, they just end up at some grungy apartment playing Texas Hold ‘Em, so there’s really no need to get upset over it. It’s not like “the Hangover” and you’re really not missing out on anything by not being invited.

4. Inlaws – Fine, we’ll go over there whenever you want. Just don’t ask me to cook anything.

5. Any vices in general – smoking, drinking, gambling, hygiene. He will always think of things you could improve about yourself, too if you mention it.

In return, Steve knows what to leave me alone about. Like:

1. Cooking – I can’t do it. He doesn’t make me.

2. Always insisting on having a dessert or grabbing a baked good from the grocery store.

3. My bad habit of retail therapy

4. The fact that I don’t do as many chores as I could and I leave my clutter all around.

5. My physical insecurities

A partnership should be just that. No one controlling or manipulating the other – instead, two people who enhance each others’ lives and makes them more enjoyable.

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  1. Lol that just helps prove how different couples can be lol. I think it's wise of you to pick your battles here. I laughed a bit at some of the things on your lists though because they're so different from my boyfriend and I. He loves chick flicks, will watch them on his own even because he likes them! I love to cook, so much so that I do it all the time! I think it's cool how God designed so many different people and a match for each type of personality out there 🙂

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