I have never been able to figure out what all the men in the navy do.

I can figure out the army and air force, as they pretty much run their own villages and do things with guns and planes. But the navy? What on earth can a bunch of men be doing on a ship? What are their jobs? I just imagine them knotting their kerchifs and saying “ahoy” to each other in passing. I mean seriously, only one or two of them can actually be looking out the portholes with binoculars.

OK, patriots that think I’m slamming our military, just can it. I’m not saying they don’t do anything, I’m just ignorant and would like to know what they do. I didn’t invite any magnetic-ribbon adorned car owners onto my blog. What are you doing here? Read elsewhere. So anyone with insight, please, enlighten me.

I know they must be patrolling the open seas for pirates. I hear those still exist. But what goes on on those ships?

~A baffled civilian

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  1. When I think of navy I think of the Navy Seals…who may just be the baddest dudes in the military. They get all of the top secret, dangerous assignments with high risk. Hostage rescue, snipers and counter terrorism stuff…Other than that I think they pretty much protect us giving us a line of defense from the water…I think I would go nuts in a submarine though.

  2. One thing sailors do is have “watch.” You are responsible for standing on deck for 4 hours and just looking around for… well I don't know. During their free time they watch old movies, smoke, and enjoy old issues of Playboy.

  3. Having worked with many naval officers and midshipmen in the nuclear industry; I might be able to enlighten you a bit.

    The ships act as aircraft carriers and house armaments for protection of US interests. Upon the deck of many of these ships are landing strips that jets can either land on or take off from. The US Navy has an elite group of fighter pilots called the Blue Angels; they are every bit as trained as their compatriots in the Air Force. The landing strips function very well in situations overseas when there might not be any viable strips to take off from and land on.

    Armaments are an integral part of the warships and the submarines. These are used to make strikes from long distance and; or, used to sink hostile ships or submarines. The distance strikes are used to neutralize the loss of US life or threats to the US on foreign soil. Sometimes the strikes are used to clear the way for a landing party of US soldiers, eithers Seals or Marines.

    The above is merely a simple generalization as to what the US Navy does, but hopefully will shed some enlightenment on their duties for the US. Hope this helps.

    Now…why don't we all catch an old POPEYE cartoon…

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