free and frolicking

Yesterday, I went for a run. I went for a run that was meant to be leisurely, but when my iPod died two miles in, the last seven miles weren’t as leisurely. But my misfortune did force me to be more attentive to everything around me. I saw leaves that should have been raked up back in the fall but were instead trapped under a thick blanket of snow. Finally, they were freed and were frolicking in the wind. Finally they were free. And they were frolicking.

Today, I’m blogging from a hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m on a work trip, but got an afternoon free of work. My co-workers are lounging poolside. We are all free – if only for an afternoon, to do what we love. I have plans to run and to read and to write and to take a nap. And to eat out. I am free, if only for one afternoon. And don’t interpret this to mean I don’t like working, because everyone who knows me knows how thoroughly I enjoy it. But I do think everyone needs an afternoon off here and there to be free.

To remember what it was you loved before you were tied down to your job. To remember who you are. And best of all, to re-evaluate what it is you’d like to become.

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  1. Work trips rule. Kind of make you feel important, really if you are just screwing around. Shelby's dance studio has a performance at Disneyland on April 17th so I talked to my Los Angeles office if we had anything going on that weekend and sure enough there is a party the 16th in Long Beach where I can go do “marketing.” AKA eat and drink for free and get my mileage, meals, and hotel paid for.


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