Business or pleasure

I can finally say, “for business.”

Not that they ask anymore, but back in the day, when you traveled via air, they asked the purpose of your flight, “business or pleasure?” I remember as a teenager wanting to add a third option of “mission trip” because I really wasn’t sure which category that fell into. Anyway, up until now, all my travels have been for pleasure (or visiting people). But Monday, I will be leaving on my first business trip.

I’m going to sunny Phoenix once again (as some of you remember, I was just there in January running a torturous race they call a half marathon). We are opening a new center for a branch of the company, so a few colleagues and I will be interviewing and then laying by the pool (the pool just for them – not me: as you also may remember, I sunburn five minutes into sunrise). I’m glad to be going south again (although it is warming up here pretty rapidly). But I’m most glad that I am finally traveling for the purpose of business. I honestly didn’t think that would ever happen. It makes me feel like I have a career.

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