It’s about time for a giveaway

In the four days I was away, Spring sprung at my house. I returned to a (mostly) green lawn and my buds blossomed. Remember a couple weeks ago when I asked if anyone knew what these were?

Well, they turned into these:

Whoever you are, Anonymous, that identified them, reveal yourself and I will send you some daffodils. Which brings me to thinking about giveaways. All major bloggers do giveaways. Now I know I’m not a major blogger by any means, but regardless, it’s been over a year of blogging and I haven’t given anything away. Nothing. Not even a piece of lint or a flake of dead skin. How selfish of me.

So today I’m going to offer something easy to mail and pretty impersonal since I don’t know who will win it. I’m going to offer a gift card. And where would all of my readers enjoy a gift card to? That I’m not sure, but what everyone has in common is reading. I know there are a lot of fans of those giant “Fox Books” type stores (reference to “You’ve Got Mail” – if you haven’t seen it, Netflix it immediately), but I much prefer used book stores. All these books that get bought for $25 and read once end up abandoned. So I do my part to adopt them. And if I happen to find a picture in one of them like I just did with this: all the better.
So here’s how to win a gift card to Half Price Books: comment below before 6pm CST Monday, April 5, 2010 and then hope that I just happen to pick your name at random. So you don’t have a whole lot of control in this process, but your comment will at least make you a candidate. Send your friends over to my site, give me some traffic for one day. They don’t have to return and keep reading, but I’d like my sitemeter to get up to 5,000 at some point before I die. I have no bones about giving something to an unloyal reader. Or maybe I do. I guess we’ll see the results of the completely at random drawing and decide for ourselves. If you absolutely abhor books and finding bizarre “treasures” inside those used ones, comment anyway. Maybe we can work something out on the back end in the off chance that you actually win.

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  1. I adore used books! Especially the classics when they are really old. I love the part in “Definitely Maybe” when April is searching for the copy of “Jane Eyre” that her dad gave her. So romantic and it fits my love of old books. I still have books from the my growing-up years that I don't read very often, but they are like old friends.

  2. How come your site meter doesn't go up everytime I go in and out of your blog????heehee! Cuz, I just want you to know that I'm doing my part to get you to that 5000 🙂

  3. Kimberly, I'm assuming my site meter just takes awhile to register new hits. I do have a visit from your location today though, so you're definitely counting!

  4. holly, a 6 oclock cut off is too early for me to send people over for a giveaway… i won't blog til after 8… but you know i love books… which reminds me, i keep meaning to borrow a couple books.

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