no offense

My blog is no big deal: my viewing public isn’t so huge that my website is going to crash from all the traffic I get anytime soon. But the few blog followers I do have happen to be the people I see frequently in real life. Which is really limiting my blogging options. I can’t vent or celebrate the events in my life without hearing about it from someone who I just discovered also reads my blog. Damn it. I wanted to be read, but I guess I imagined being read by strangers who live at least a state away.

My ability to write a post without offending someone has gone from slim to anorexic and seeing a nutritionist.

I’ve always offended people. Not usually intentionally (but sometimes: and I won’t apologize for it, either, Scarface). I say what I’m feeling without thinking about how others will receive it. And I’m OK with it. It’s a part of me and I’ve given up changing myself because I’m too stubborn to allow that. But other people aren’t OK with it. I consider brushing it off a character trait everyone has and forget that being overly sensitive still exists in this harsh world of botox injections, heroin, and WWE. Or maybe those are exactly the reasons we have become so sensitive. I don’t know, I’m not a psychiatrist (or a “psychagist” as the insane person on today’s unemployment hearing said).

So I’ve got some options here: (a) Stop offending people, or (b) create another blog and only send the URL to strangers. I would think the latter option is the most logical here, but that’s because I don’t change, so (a) is a non-option. But then, how could I do that? I mean seriously, how am I going to get email addresses to strangers? Even if I could figure that out, then I wouldn’t have any blog readers at all. And my readers are why I blog. That and because I can’t afford a psychiatrist.

So I’ll go w/option (c): who cares! And I’ll keep blogging. Because I love it and how dull would life be w/o a little drama thrown in? Life is too short to agonize over that which you can’t control. And life is best spent not worrying about what other people are thinking.

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  1. That's too funny Holly~ Our posts yesterday did appear to be opposite, didn't they- It was purely coincidental and nothing to do with your post. You crack me up and I'm sure that what we're talking about is not in anyway the same thing. I had a crazy day at work yesterday, I manage 17 women and deal with angry patients all day, the post was about the stupid stuff that goes on there. Oh, how I would love to say what I think in some of those situations…

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