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Today my husband is 29 years old. This means that I have known him for over 8 years. I remember spending his 21st birthday with him in the Old Market Lofts at a tenant roof party we weren’t invited to. Steve won an accent wall that we later gave to an actual tenant. Next, we were invited to a balding man’s loft for some celebratory spiced rum (celebrating Steve’s birthday, not the accent wall).

I like birthday traditions. We don’t have many yet, but every year I buy him an ice cream cake. I buy the big one usually used for actual birthday parties because we’ve been known to eat this as a meal.
I finished running the birthday present errands of picking up booze and cigars on time this year, so over lunch I stopped to get my eyebrows waxed. Steve had just asked the other day how long it had been since my last wax; he told me he doesn’t usually notice but I had definite traces of a unibrow this time. Say no more, I get it.

I love the efficiency of the eyebrow wax: two minutes of quick follicle ripping and you’re done. However, there is always that one minute of tweezing the strays afterward. I laid there thinking about how painful each tweezer pull was, my eyes watering. And then I reminded myself that I’ve had a baby so I need to stop being a pussy about some eyebrow tweezing. But do keep in mind that if I wanted to tweeze, I wouldn’t go in and get my eyebrows waxed in the first place.

Do you know what was on tonight? The season 10 premier of the Biggest Loser. And remember when I said I was boycotting it? Well my smart little DVR box remember to record it from last season’s settings. But when I saw it was recording, I deleted it. I held my ground. I don’t need to watch another season of hour-long weigh-ins with people crying when they drop double digits in a week saying, “I used to eat 12 ding dongs a day, I never thought I could do it!” (that very concise summary of the show is courtesy of the Birthday Boy).

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  1. we watched the biggest loser, and it sucked. good choice on the boycott.

    happy birthday stephen! love you cuz'.

    tweezing sucks. how can it be that terrible.. tiny little hairs, tiny little tweezers.

  2. Shelby was mad at BL because the first episode they didn't even go to the ranch, it was just the preliminary finding the contestant BS. And I think the weigh ins are really only 48 minutes

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