silent rain

There are attributes of myself I hate. There are personality traits I wish I didn’t have. But the wish isn’t quite strong enough for me to really focus on changing it. I’ve become pretty set in my ways, which is dangerous at my young age.

But maybe if it’s out there floating in cyberspace, I will acknowledge that the want to change was there, however weak and fragile.

I hate that I’m not more tactful.
I hate that my heart is always worn on my sleeve.
I hate that my every thought is verbalized.
I hate how all my emotions and thoughts being public makes me look so stupid and emotional and unpoised, however true those assumptions are.

I hate that my life is an open book, rather than a locked diary.

I hate that I can not keep my own secrets.

Silence is the secret to sanity.
~Astrid Alauda

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  1. I can't keep my own secrets either. Sometimes I regret it, but mostly not. There are lots of people who can learn from your experiences. Keep on sharing. It can be both therapeutic to you and helpful to someone else.

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