drive-thru breakfast

On the weekends, Steve and I make a big breakfast and eat it together. Breakfast burritos, pancakes, omelettes, something like that. It’s one of the cutesy couple things we do together: you know, one of those things that people not in a couple say, “awww” to out of complete nausea.

But on days when we’re out of a key ingredient -like sausage- and we are up before 10:30, I go to Starbucks for a milkshake frappuccino and then McDonald’s for sausage mcmuffins. The woman who handed me my bag of food said the oddest thing. She said, “come again.”

If there’s one place in the entire world that doesn’t need to worry whether their customers will become repeats, it’s McDonald’s. Everyone who goes to McDonald’s once goes again, save the people on death row. Even the new vegetarians and vegans relapse at some point and where do you think they run to first? That’s right, McDonald’s.

It isn’t like I woke up yesterday and said, “what is that place with those golden arches I see on every other corner? Maybe I’ll try that joint out.” We all know what McDonald’s is and go when we’re drunk or hungover or broke or pregnant. Or on a road trip or out of groceries or craving beef. And everyone is one of these at some point again. Everyone returns to McDonald’s. Even if it’s just to return the recalled cadmium-tainted drinking glasses. McDonald’s has a way to get everyone to come back.

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  1. Hey lovely lady! I always read your blogs, think about comments to make… I should do it more 🙂 Haha, I may never go to McD again… we've watched the wave of food documentaries and have taken some steps to change what we eat- we get a half of a grass fed beef, and have chickens now for our own eggs- it is kind of a fun adventure. We realize there may be times when fast food is the only option, but after seeing Food, Inc, and Supersize me, our choices at certain fast food places will be different-

  2. What fast food place would Nona suggest that would be healthier???

    I can make my own salads at home and even yogurt parfaits, so of course when I pull up to Micky D's, it's for a small coke and something UN healthy.

    They say that at our M.D's. too, come again……..hmm, do you mean today or wait until tomorrow???

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