second bra, dumpster, not invited

My blog showed up in these Google search results:

1. Second bra
What? People have more than one?
2. Saturn sounds like bucket of bolts rattling in back when driving
OK, good, so it’s not just mine.
3. Envision your perfect partner
Done. So where is Mark McGrath? (I’ve been watching a lot of “Celebrity Apprentice” lately)
4. Is fairview heights il a good place to live
It’s decent if you lock your doors and don’t buy drugs from the wrong person.
5. Hoarder rent a dumpster
That’s what I’ve been saying for years. If only hoarders were willing to throw things away.
6. Bitch didn’t invite me
You’re right. She sounds like a real bitch.
7. t shirt with scientific equation and then there was life
Let me guess: you’re single?
8. Maybe I’m not a beauty queen but am
But am what? Ugly?
9. face book next time you think i give a bitch, remember the 3 b’s
Whoa, this sounds violent. But at least not as violent as:
10. stabbed in heart steak knife Puyallup
What kind of freaks are loitering on my blog? I didn’t do it, by the way.

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