tornado survivors

You might have already heard this, but if not, this bike helmet story is pretty amazing:

“As the tornado neared her home in Joplin, Natalie Gonzalez ran to the bathroom and huddled in the tub with her 9-year-old son Augie, her puppy and boyfriend.

“We saw the tornado warning,” she told ABC News today. “We heard the sirens. I looked outside and saw the dark cloud. We made the split-second decision to take a blanket, take a pillow. … I threw these things over my son. ”

Gonzalez said that at the last minute, she got her son to put on his bicycle helmet because she’d heard it would protect a child during a hurricane.

“At one point, the toilet flew up out of the ground and hit my son in the head and me in the back and the bicycle helmet saved his life,” she said. When it appeared that they were in the eye of the storm, Gonzalez said, the three ran from the bathtub and jumped into a ditch.”


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