damn dentist (because "dental dam" didn’t seem appropriate)

I never understood why people couldn’t stand going to the dentist. I actually liked going to the dentist – that clean teeth feeling is hard to beat. I didn’t have a cavity until adulthood and always was just there for routine cleanings. Until yesterday. Yesterday the dentist cut my gums off of my two bottom wisdom teeth. I could actually hear the snipping. It was pure agony. They offered me some music to listen to so I couldn’t hear the noise, so I gratefully took the Walkman and clenched it with white knuckles until the procedure was over.

I had to close my eyes, too. Seeing these sharp instruments that were entering my mouth was terrible. Also, the dentist had put some sunglasses on me to shield the blinding light, and the sunglasses were filthy. I couldn’t look through those spotted lenses without thinking about how filthy they were. I hate filth. I once spent a New Year’s Eve by myself because I was so disgusted by my socks sticking to someone’s carpet that I had to get out of there immediately.

The worst part is the aftermath – not being able to eat. I love to eat. Unfortunately, I can barely open my mouth. I’m also not allowed to suck through a straw, either, so my options are pretty limited. I’m starving. And I can barely even brush my teeth. I tried last night and blood came out. I haven’t even tried yet today. I have stitches in until next week, so I will be starving until then. Dear God, I’m sorry for everyone who comes in contact with me before then. I’m going to be even bitchier than usual.

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