making it work


This weekend, I was able to do the things I used to do before I had a baby. I read, I did a puzzle. I took a bath. I got my hair done. I went to dinner and a movie with Steve, courtesy of his parents watching Brandon for us. We went grocery shopping together with Brandon. We went on a walk with him.

This weekend I was able to incorporate Brandon into my life, rather than my life revolving around him. He’s a bit older now and becoming more predictable as he settles into routine slowly.  I like this stage. It’s a lot easier than four weeks ago was.

This weekend, having Brandon as a part of our lives rather than dictating them felt great. I think I can get used to this parenting thing if he keeps this up. I know there will be days when this isn’t the case. But the fact that there can be days when it is makes me smile. I feel like myself again. Not just a frazzled, unorganized and unbathed parent. I feel like myself and a parent. Myself as a parent.

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