Thankful to live after Y2K

How did moms ever survive before the internet? How did they know how to raise a child without being able to type their question into Google? In the past seven weeks I have Googled a litany of stupid baby questions. Without mom forums and message boards and Youtube how to videos, I wouldn’t have a clue what I’m doing. My confidence in parenting comes only after I read on the internet about another mom who does the same thing. What did my  mom do? Leaf frantically through a baby book? Pack us up and drive to the library? You must have had to have friends two decades ago. Luckily for me, you don’t need friends anymore.

There is a reason I was born in a time period with the internet and epidurals and electricity and disposable diapers. I couldn’t be a mother in any other era. It simply wouldn’t happen. I can’t picture myself dealing with a screaming baby in a horse and buggy. I already think every block is a mile when Brandon is screaming in my car. I remember mom had cloth diapers for us. I can’t imagine myself scraping those off and washing them. I’m just not that dedicated. I would probably just turn them inside out. Hard to be lazy in the olden days. That’s why my baby was born in 2012.

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