One of the (few) exciting things about being an adult is being able to make your own traditions. You can carry on some from your parents – the ones you liked (not the pecan pies at Thanksgiving), then add your own as well once you have your own family. I don’t have many traditions yet. I didn’t have a family to start them for. But now, I do. And now I realize there were a few traditions that I already had that I will continue with my family.

Like every Memorial Day weekend – I go to Half Price books. They have an additional 20% off everything all weekend long. It’s amazing. If Steve didn’t accompany me, I would be there from open to close. This year, Steve and Brandon both came with me. And we only looked at one section – children’s books. I bought 38 books for $56. Some of them Brandon won’t enjoy for years to come but I always go overboard at book stores.

And when he finally runs through all the books we bought him today, another Memorial Day will be right around the corner when we will buy him any books he wants. It might sound like a tradition for nerds, and I admit, it is. But I’ll make sure to add some traditions that normal, socially-accepted people can enjoy, too.

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