blast from the past

Today I found my first blog post ever. It was a livejournal account that I completely forgot about and assumed closed itself down. I didn’t know livejournal still existed. I thought it closed down once myspace and Facebook took over people rambling on about themselves. But this morning, I received a nice surprise in my inbox – a spam comment on my old blog from my senior year of college. I followed the comment to my old blog. I read my friends’ livejournals, which still exist, as well. I guess they forgot about it, along with me.

It is hard to believe that the girl that wrote those livejournal entries is me. I hardly recognize myself in her. End of 2004 and beginning of 2005 was my demise – the lowest part of my life. Things were better before, and got better after. Then, I was partying excessively. I can’t remember a lot of events that occurred, because I was blacked out drunk. When my blog was written, my grades were slipping because of my partying. I was pregnant (but didn’t know it yet in the posts before February 2005). Once I find out I’m pregnant, life changed a lot. And I never looked back. Until today. Because of this spam blog comment that reunited me with my past. 

Here’s my first blog post ever, written on 10/30/04:
this is my first blog. anna inspired me. anna also inspired me not to give matt smith an inch, because he’ll end up sleeping on you. i am so sorry about that, anna. i will miss anna and all my other old keg friends, seeing i don’t work there anymore. that’s why i’m blogging. i guess it’s better than drinking my sorrows away on a saturday night. or is it? so yeah. this is my blog. ok, i know it’s pretty lame right now, but if it’s this bad, it can only get better.
“i’m new.” (joe dirt). i used to always say that when i started serving at the keg and i was lodging corks into wine bottles or whatever. i found out that flirting with my male customers gets me much better tips than admitting i’m stupid. tips. i will miss those. anyways, i’m unemployed. i should be typing up a resume’ or something right now, not blogging.
this is painful. i will end and resume when i can write a little better (never?) 

If you want to continue the trip down memory lane with me, the rest of the blog posts are here

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