big ups

I think the next milestone for Brandon is sitting up. So I’m propping him up all over the place. I’m an overachiever by nature, so I want my baby to be more advanced than other kids his age. I saw a two-month old in the Bumbo at daycare and I said, “are you putting Brandon in that?” The only reason the two-month old is in it is because his neck doesn’t even reach over the back of it, but I was competitive about it anyway.

I’m hoping to teach him to stand, walk, talk, and roll over any day now, too. I know it’s not likely. But I like a challenge. I did the teething test by pressing my finger against his gums to see if they turned white. They did, so that means his teeth are coming soon. I’m not ready for my baby to be a man quite yet, but becoming a little boy is just fine.

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  1. Aw, he's so cute.

    My favourite age is when a child can sit up, but not move around the house yet. I think that happens at about 6 months.

    Once they start crawling and walking, parenting becomes much more tiring!

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