sick psych, baths, bumbo


This week marked a rite of passage for this new mom – taking my son to the doctor when nothing was wrong. The daycare ladies freaked me out by saying he wasn’t himself lately, and he had been eating less and sleeping more. Last week he had a cough. I felt kind of ridiculous, explaining these things to the nurse, but she said to bring him in and they’d check him out. The nurse checked him out and he was fine, save for a slight cold.

Brandon outgrew his baby bath tub so he’s taking big boy baths now. He loves floating in the water, then kicking his legs and smiling. Bath time is quickly becoming a favorite for him.

A co-worker of mine has a four-month old nephew. He’s always showing me pictures of him. One of the pictures has the nephew sitting in a Bumbo seat all by himself. Of course I got all competitve and thought maybe my three-month old could do the same thing. I bought a Bumbo seat and placed Brandon in it. He liked it, but can’t quite support his head all by himself yet. One day I’ll post a picture without my arm in it.

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  1. by the time asher could support himself in the bumbo, he figured out how to wiggle himslef out of it. the bumbo was short lived in our house, but people love those silly rubber chairs.

    i can't believe how big he is already. so cute.

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