Week 22

Brandon has become very attached to us. He loves playing with us. He laughs and smiles when we sing or make faces or talk to him in silly voices.

He is beginning to outgrow his baby toys. This swing was so big on him before. I remember thinking that hippo was so far up he’d never reach it. Now he reaches it and can nearly thrust himself out of the swing.

He is his own best entertainment. All we have to do is put him on the floor and he’ll roll over and try to scoot and grab things with his hands. We have a play mat on the way since he pulls blankets right off the ground now.

He has this new thing where he doesn’t like to be babied too much. After too much of us holding him, he whimpers until we let him go on his own. Last night I placed him in his play pen and he laughed and cooed to himself until his next feeding time.

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