Oh deer

Last night, when I returned home from work, I mindlessly let Tucker into the backyard as I always do. I unwrapped Brandon from all his winter gear and went about some quick chores. All the while, Tucker barked shrilly. This was not like him. “What?” I asked impatiently as I opened the backdoor. Then, I blanched. Starring back at me was this:

Now I don’t live in the wilderness. I live smack in the middle of suburbia – we all have fenced backyards. The closest lake is a mile and a half away. So it’s not every day you have a deer just hanging out in your backyard, wishing it was spring and the hammock was strung up.

The deer just hung out for awhile, peering in my windows like a Peeping Tom. Then, when it realized I wasn’t exciting, it effortlessly hopped the fence into my neighbors backyard. They stared at it out the window as well – an endless cycle of new audiences for this people-loving deer.

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  1. I see them all the time in the city of Milwaukee. It surprises me. It really doesn't seem like they should be there. Chicago too is full of them. Although, I haven't seen them downtown myself. 🙂 Just along the river. Not afraid of people much. I can get within 50 feet before they meander off. “just don't touch me lady, but I'm not afraid of you.”

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