5 year blogiversary

This week marked my five year blogging anniversary. In five years, I have chronicled my life through all of it’s changes – we bought a house, received a handful of nieces, had a beautiful son and are days away from a second one. I have switched jobs and subsequently retired. All while keeping record of it here.

Sometimes my blogs have been pointless, sometimes I wonder why anyone reads it all, but all the time it’s been therapeutic for me. It has kept me writing. However meaningless at the time, it has meant something for me to get these thoughts out of my head and onto the screen.

While my readership has dwindled and my snarkiness has waned with me as I have aged, I have kept writing. Although blogging doesn’t seem quite as popular as it once was, I think I’m here to stick with it for awhile longer.

Because for me, it has been more than a hobby. It has kept me sane and leveled and knowing that anyone is reading it makes me feel like my writing matters, maybe not to the world, but at least to someone. And that is the only encouragement I need to write beyond my blog.

So thank you to those of you who have been here with me for the last five years – reading my rantings and ramblings. Smirking as I wax poetic and rolling your eyes with my endless pictures of Brandon. Thank you for laughing along with me, and sometimes at me. Thank you for adding a tally to my site meter so I know there are people out there, coming to my corner of the internet and taking a minute to read what I’ve written.

It means something to me that I mean something to you – however small and insignificant, that’s all it takes to create some significance. Hopefully one day I can announce on here that I have written something else. This practice of still writing through my blog has kept my dream of writing a book alive. Happiness is the pursuit of attainable goals. And however farfetched it may be, however long the road to start it has been, this goal is still attainable.

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  1. there is one thing i know with certainty… you are a beautiful writer. and someday you will announce that you have written something else. i will cry with joy, bring champagne, and be the first in line to have you sign my copy. you already are a writer, holly. and someday you will be known as such by more than just these fellow blog readers. and while we wait, you will live and love and be a fabulous wife to stephen, and a mother to brandon and holden like others wish they could be. happy blog anniversary! and thanks for writing and dreaming and allowing me to be a part of your life, no matter how small.

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