Our due date has come and gone and Holden is staying warm and cozy inside my belly. So tomorrow, we force him out. Hopefully he’s not ten pounds already in there. Today is my last day as a mother of one.

It is a bit emotional – I have thrown everything into raising Brandon these past two years and now there’s going to be another one to share everything with. I have been telling Brandon that he will always be my first born boy and I will always love him just as much.

I know kids worry about their parents loving one child more than the others. I know the older ones don’t get as much attention when there is a baby around. But Brandon will always be my first born son and the child who taught me how to be a mother. He will always be special to me in his way as Holden will be in his own, too. I just have to make sure he knows that.

Raising two children – how do people do it? I’m about to find out. It might be a bumpy first go-round because my one keeps me busy on his own. Here’s hoping Holden is well-behaved and calm. Because kids are like that, as we all know.

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