Brandon’s 2nd birthday

On Friday, Brandon turned two. So yesterday we had his birthday party. Am I seriously going to have to throw two birthday parties within two weeks every year? I think it’s time to start spacing out these parties. Like each kid gets one every three years or so. 
Last year, my sister helped me with Brandon’s Little Man party. This year, my sister isn’t here to help, but luckily my friend Anni volunteered to help out. I’m not a good party planner or domesticated woman in any sense of the word. Here are our decorating efforts:
Brandon got a lot of presents. This kid has much more than any one kid would ever need. Steve and I bought him this train table. It is a big hit. I’ve barely seen Brandon the last 24 hours – he’s been at this train table as much as he possibly can. 
Brandon is very photogenic. He says “cheese!” now whenever there is a camera around. He has actually discovered how to use my camera. I have enough of his first selfies for their own blog post.

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