There are plenty of moments here that are frenzied. Like when both the kids are crying – tired and hungry and I’m the only one around. I can only be one place at a time and it isn’t enough to take care of everything. It’s enough to make a person go insane, I swear.
But then there are plenty of good moments, too. When Steve gets home from work and I sit on our patio couch with Holden while Steve and Brandon play on the playground or in the sandbox. We put The Head and the Heart on and enjoy the last sun rays of the day before the boys go down to bed for the night. 
Today Steve let me sleep until 9a and run out to grab some summer clothes for Brandon on my own – sans kids. Then Steve went out golfing. I can do this, with two of us. By myself, there is no way. But we are settling into our routine and enjoying our little family and the peaceful and happy moments that come along with it.

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