I figured I should have some pictures of Holden’s earliest days that I didn’t take on my iPhone. So I pulled out my Nikon I bought myself nearly ten years ago now when I graduated from college.

No one takes film pictures anymore. The guy at the camera store couldn’t even find the film and told me that he hasn’t used film in a decade. But even still, he works at a camera store. He should know where the film is.

I didn’t know if Walgreen’s even still developed regular film – all their promotions were for digital prints. Well, they do and it’s a lot more expensive than the last time I developed film. And of course I had to get it all on a CD because we all need digital prints, any way. Film, what a hassle. 
Although there is something nostalgic and exciting about ripping open an envelope to see your pictures. I remember saving pictures on my film roll for something special. 
Now we can take 25 pictures back to back and delete 24 of them so it looks like we have the perfect picture. Not with film. Not unless you’re a millionaire at these outrageous prices. Film is more honest.

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