kids say the darndest things

When is it that you stop marveling at the adorable things your kids say or every new thing they’ve learned? I haven’t stopped yet with Brandon. I think everything he does is just amazing. He is this precocious, smart, adorable little ball of energy. Here are some of my favorite gems from him so far:

Me: “I love you Brandon!”
Him: “Yeah.”
Me: “You’re a man of few words, huh?”
Him: “Mmm hmm.”

The other night he was drawing with markers and I told him it was time for bed. “Ten more minutes,” he said. He didn’t say it like a plea, more like a gentle command. I obliged him in his confidence.

Yesterday upon seeing my new water tumbler: “Whoa, check it out!”
Of course I immediately texted that to Steve because I had no idea where he picked that up and Steve reminded me that the chihuahua on Oliver and Company says that.
Note to self: Brandon watches that movie WAAAY too much. (And, every time he watches it he says, “I want kitty” and I’m not obliging him that).

Awhile ago Steve and I cleaned out the basement so today he brought up some of the items we’re keeping. One of them is a Dan Marino medallion in a velvet box.  (If you’re thinking this sounds like absolute crap, it is. If you don’t personally know a sports fanatic, let me tell you: they think the most chintzy, gaudy, kitschy trinkets are treasure just because it has their sports team or their favorite player on it. It’s ridiculous). Any way, Brandon just saw the velvet box and said, “I do!”

I had just finished a run on the treadmill and was dripping with sweat when I came up to pull Brandon out of his crib. He looked at me and said, “Mama: shower!”

And a couple Fridays ago before my weekly donut run:
Me: “Brandon, do you want to go get donuts?”
Brandon: “Yeah, and coffee!”

Let me remind you, he is only two years and two months old. I think he is brilliant beyond his years. My suspicions were confirmed when I met our new neighbors across the fence tonight. First, a cute antedote from my new six-year-old neighbor:

He was clearly coveting our swing set and mentioned our slide is bigger than his.
“Yeah, I suppose our’s is sorta big,” I said, totally trying to downplay it although I’m well aware that our playset is badass.
“It’s like little big or big little,” he said.
“Yeah, that’s a good way to put it,” I agreed.
He looked at me like I was illiterate and said, “or you could just say ‘medium’.”

Since I’m marveling at what a six-year-old says I doubt I will ever outgrow this bragging about my son’s adorable lines. I guess people like me are why they had that show. Anyway, back to Brandon being smart: the six-year-old neighbor boy told me how old he was so I had Brandon tell him his age, too. “He’s only two?” he asked incredulously. I smiled. “I know,” I agreed.

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