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I went to the dentist yesterday. I do so enjoy my dentist visits (seriously). I took Brandon with me this time since next year he will be sitting in the dentist chair. I wanted to show him it wasn’t scary. I guess I didn’t account for what he would do while I was in the chair. So he kind of kneeled on my stomach and watched the instruments go in and out of my mouth. Then he asked if he could brush his teeth, too. By the end of it, he was chatty with the dental hygenist and they let him pick something out of the kids bin.

I remember my dentist had a kids box. It was a nice wood box with a clasp so it could be locked, but it never was. It was full of those little animals you see at the zoo gift shop. They kept it in the waiting room. Come to think of it, I think those were just waiting room toys. After all four of us had finished, mom would take us to the Gast House bakery down the street where I would get a giant maple bar. Even though you weren’t supposed to eat anything right afterwards. My mom – what a rebel. It’s amazing these little $0.89 detours that turn into happy memories for your children.

Any way, my dentist doesn’t have little animals. This place is set way back in time. It smells like the 70s in there. I’m not complaining. I think the smell is why I go to this dentist. I take a hit of it every time I walk in and it instantly reminds me of my grandpa’s house – that musty, slightly smokey smell that I am always hoping to run into again. They have these old magazine ads with things like talcum powder framed up as their artwork. There is one of those wood-paneled video game tables like our old A&W had. I haven’t flipped through the magazines because they never make me wait, but I can’t imagine they’re current. So when Brandon pulled out his toy, I wasn’t surprised that it was still those bracelets that I had when I was a kid. Do you remember these friendship bracelets from the 90s?

Pretty cool, huh?
It was 5 p.m. when we left the dentist, so I didn’t take him to get a maple bar, but I did stop at the Melissa & Doug store across the street and picked up these lizards he has wanted since the week Holden was born. I had to ask the owner to order them, because I kept going back and he never had restocked them. The store owner was so impressed with Brandon’s patience for the lizards. He must not remember that I also bought Brandon the snakes and the bugs to tie him over.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, as Steve always does, no, I do not have any cavities. Only once in my life, and it was on my Sonicare hiatus. I eat more donuts than anyone you’ve ever met, but I still don’t get cavities. Mmm…now I really want a maple bar.

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  1. Maple bars. Yum. I'd reckon that, as far as your teeth are concerned, eating a lot of donuts won't damage your teeth if you take care of them right after you finished a few. So, you'd have to thank your mom for teaching you proper dental hygiene, which you're now teaching little Brandon with this visit. He seems quite chill with this visit. Hopefully he stays that way when it's his turn to sit at the dentist's chair. Good luck!

    Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental

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