List to tell people

I think about making a list of all the things I need to tell people before it’s too late. 
~ Jonathan Tropper, This is Where I Leave You

I read this and knew immediately that I must do it.  There are people very important to me that I appreciate and admire and never told them as much because it’s so cheesy and awkward. Do you remember that scene from Sex and the City at the spa where they talk about a girl who isn’t ashamed of being naked in front of people because she’s “from a naked family”? Well, I’m from a family that doesn’t speak our mushy feelings. But I can write it. So I have started it. Within minutes, tears were streaming down my face because of all that was inside of me that had been left unsaid. It was cathartic and needed – and that was just the beginning. I’ve only written three paragraphs so far. One day I will give these words I write to the people I’m writing them for.

The things left unsaid stay with us forever.
~ I wish I was Here movie

What I wasn’t expecting when I began thinking what I would write was what I would learn from what I didn’t write. We hold onto bitterness and resentment, but when you go to write down what it is you’d like to say to people, the mean and petty and vindictive just don’t seem important at all. I’ve never regretted biting my tongue from saying something mean. But we all regret not saying how much we love and appreciate people. 

The important thing about life is love. Everything else is just a distraction. 
~ A blog comment I read (Original source unknown or was actually a blog comment)

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