Smile for the camera

 I can’t look at this picture and not laugh. He is such a silly baby.
 We have had a surprising warm snap around here. I mean, fifty some degrees! I ran outside last weekend and looks like I’ll be able to do it again this weekend. No complaints here!
 I took a picture of Brandon the day we moved him into his car seat, so I also took one of Holden. You can tell they’re brothers. They both have what my dad would call “smiling eyes.”
 And here is his regular smile. Check out all those teeth!
 Brandon found my old digital camera in a drawer. He has been saying, “smile for the camera!” and “say cheese!” I took a look at his pictures. It’s hard to tell if he has any skill yet, since he seems to prefer capturing his own fingers.
 Scooting around on his bike in the basement. Steve asked Brandon if he remembered who got it for him and Brandon replied, “Santa Claus!” (it was actually from Grandma and Grandpa)
Who is photobombing whom?

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