thirties are the less cool but more settled twenties

I just had a birthday which means I should be pitying myself for getting older and lamenting my crow’s feet. But actually, I think my thirties will be my best decade. I have a lot going for me right now. I think I’ll make a list:

1. My kids will be at their happiest ages while I’m in my thirties. These are their years before jobs and GPAs and puberty. These past two years and the next eight they will be innocent and carefree. Happy will be their default emotion, rather than a rare one (here’s hoping, at least).

2. My body still functions correctly and hasn’t given way to disease or health problems. I can be active without strapping on braces or applying topical creams.

3.  I’m past all the bullshit of my twenties. I know a lot of people think their twenties is the best decade, but my early twenties were full of indecision and stupid mistakes. I’m glad to be past it! Now I am settled; now I know who I am and what I want.

4. Also, in my thirties I don’t have to worry about money the way I did in my twenties. And I eat meals other than a McDonald’s #8.

5. I don’t have to work right now. I’m pretty sure anyone who has been working for longer than a year needs and wants a sabbatical, but doesn’t have that luxury. I do. I know it is a luxury, and I am grateful. But still fuck those people who say being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t count as a job.

6. I am finally trying new things. I have been stubborn and set in my ways for too long. You won’t believe this, but I am cooking now. I mean, I own a crock pot and have another tab open on the right where I’m purchasing a salad spinner. I am doing some house projects (or dreaming of them, whatever). I am even thinking about getting into knitting or quilting a bit. I would love to make personal gifts for people.

7. Hobbies! I have them and I’m enjoying them! This should apply at any age, but sadly it doesn’t always.

8. I have the opportunity to teach my kids all sorts of things before they start school. My first college major was education and I’ve always been a lover of school, so you bet I will be all over forcing knowledge upon them! In fun and interesting ways, of course. Watching Brandon absorb information fascinates me. He started pointing out his left and his right just from reading this Arthur book once which boggled my mind. I have an “L” and an “R” Sharpied on my yoga mat because I’m 32 and still struggle with that.

9. I’m going to check a few things off that bucket list

10. I’m old enough that I no longer worry about being cool or fitting in, yet still not so old that people consider me irrelevant and ignore me (at least I choose to think they’re listening. Don’t correct me: I like it better this way).

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