ten brothers, polar bear, first garden

 I emptied out my iPhone today, so might post some of these pics, I suppose.

 Watching the snow fall together (a couple weeks ago. Today was 88 degrees).

We were eating dinner last week and he had this twinkle in his eye I wanted to capture. Obviously the sun was setting right behind him and it isn’t great, but you I’m still counting it as a captured twinkle.

Who knew my boys had baby fever? They were obsessed with this little four-month-old last week. A couple days later, Brandon told me he wants ten brothers.

Brandon’s cousin is an excellent reader. It seems like Brandon’s whole life he’s been so much littler than his cousins and not much fun for them to play with, but now he interacts with them as if they’re the same age. He’s only three years younger. What’s three years, right?

Polar bear sighting at the zoo. And don’t go to the zoo when public schools are out and it’s a nice day. What a mistake.

 Holden met his great grandpa and his (middle) namesake.

Today we planted Brandon’s first garden. He was involved in every step of the process to picking what we planted to hoeing and watering. He claims the carrots, peas, and lettuce in this garden are for the bunnies. That’s fine with me because I’m not expecting much, seeing as I’ve tried to grow things before to no avail.

Brandon has been sleeping later than Holden ever since Daylight Savings Time and I don’t feel the need to go downstairs yet when only one of them is awake, so Holden is my reading buddy.

Here are the four generations of Carter men. We took one of these pics before, but now there are two in the youngest generation.

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